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The Double Slit Experiment

"on faces"

by  Bilge Ugursu 


Berlin-based abstract artist. Describes her style as figurative abstract expressionist and uses mostly mixed media in all her artworks. Developed her own concept, where she combines her classical paintings with digital art to create a smooth synthesis without any rules and conceptualizations. Therefore, her artworks are quite experimental with a contemporary  spirit. You can see both brush strokes and digital pixels in her artworks and experience the unique perception of looking at a canvas and computer screen at the same time. Uses lots of psychological and scientific metaphors as she has always been amazed by the intersection of art and science. 

Her creative artworks have been presented in many exhibitions including established international galleries. She will be featured in the upcoming issue of the Flux Review art magazine. 

Please note that our Gallery does not take any commission from the sales. Therefore, you are more than welcome to contact the exhibiting artists directly for more information or if you want to purchase an artwork. In case you want us to get involved,
please contact with your enquiries and/or requests.

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