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We are more than excited to announce that we are celebrating our brand new residency project, right in the heart of Athens

The winner of our very first contest, will get to travel to Athens and explore the rapidly growing art scene with local artists and curators, while living in a luxurious stay!

Deadline to apply: 20th December 2021

• the residency

The project is focused on the Historical Centre of Athens, around the areas of Acropoli, Thiseio (where our gallery is located), Monastiraki and Plaka. Those areas have an unlimited historical value and endless sources for research. The artists will be working in our gallery space where they will also exhibit their work in our group shows (Athens Open Art) along with artists from all over the world. 

• who can apply?

Our project is open to all types of creatives and from all countries (including from Athens and Greece, in general) . You do not need to be a professional or established artist in order to apply. Emerging artists and artists with no academic qualifications are more than welcome to apply, too 


We accept applications from painters, sculptors, photographers, printmakers, video artists, performers and more. The applicants can also be working with etchings, embroidery or any other material of their choice. We are seeking to meet and work with creatives from all fields so dancers, choreographers, directors, musicians, architects, fashion designers and actors are more than welcome to apply, too.


• the prize

Please note that all the artists who will apply, will be part of a virtual exhibition that will last for a full month (10th January to 10th February 2022). They will also be featured in an e-Catalogue with images of their artworks, their contact details and hyperlinks to their social media accounts. 

One artist will be selected to travel to Athens for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 15 days. The winner can choose the duration and the dates of their residency according to their schedule and all travel expenses will be covered by us

Apart from the opportunity to explore Athens and meet local artists and Curators, the residency will offer the following: 

• Full video documentation of the residency and the artist's experience including an artist interview.

• Participation in our group shows in our gallery (Athens Open Art) during the period of the residency.

Promotion on our website and social media accounts.

Luxurious stay in a modern apartment with a swimming pool.

Travel expenses to Athens and back, covered by our gallery.

Art materials provided by Batis Art Supply Store.




The name of the winner will be announced on our website and social media accounts on the 10th January 2022.

art intro

• guidelines

The residency is research-based mainly but the artist will be required to produce and present either finalised artworks or even drafts and notes to accompany their research. 

The theme of the research will be the Historical Centre of Athens and the artist can focus on any aspect of the area according to their practise and interest. Some of the (several) points of focus for the artist's research could be: ancient tragedies and drama, epic novels, maths, philosophy, rebetico (or any other genre of music that flourished in Greece), architecture, evolution in clothing and tools, astronomy, myths and many more. 

The accommodation

The selected artist will have their own private room in a modern facility, right in the centre of Athens. Please note that only the artist can be hosted and no guests are allowed to live in the space during the residency. The apartment is equipped with all the necessary amenities (including WiFi), a cosy living room, a screened porch and it also provides access to the rooftop with a 360º view of Athens and a large swimming pool.

• how to apply

It is very easy to apply and you can do it simply by sending us an email with the required information:

• Visual Artists (painters, sculptors and any artist who can provide images of their work): Please attach a few images of your work or a PDF with a selection of your creations. There is no limit on how many images you will add, just please make sure that you provide clear information on the materials that you are using. There are no restrictions on the quality of the images either; we just want to be able to see them clearly. 

• Actors, Musicians, Performers etc : Ideally we would like you to submit links to videos of your work that are available online but you can also send us stills of your work (with a small description). You are more than welcome to submit full pieces, excerpts or showreels, too. Musicians and singers can send us links to their work online too, as well as samples of their music. 

* Please do not send us any files via WeTransfer or any similar platforms that require the users to download the files within a specific amount of time.

All artists are recommended to include more links to their websites or social media accounts so we can see more of their work. 

All applicants must contribute a small amount of £25 to help us cover the costs of this project and the people who will work on it. It is a very easy procedure and you can use your bank account, PayPal or Apple Pay. Click at the button below and you will be redirected in order to make the payment.

Please gather all the required information along with the receipt of your payment and send it to or simply click at the button below:

We truly look forward to seeing your artworks and working with you!

Key Dates


20th December 2021

Announcement of the winner:

10th January 2022

Opening of the Virtual Exhibition will all the artists who applied:

10th January 2022, 18.00pm UK time

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