open art Contest

in Athens

• introduction

Art Number 23 is delighted to invite artists from all countries and of all mediums to apply for our new project, 'Open Art Contest: in Athens'

The aim of this project, is to get in contact with more artists around the world, which will lead to further collaborations and of course, share the work of those artists with our audience and the attendants in our Gallery.

The title, 'Open Art' means that we are open to creative minds and people who want to get the chance to promote their work. You do not have to be a professional artist to apply. If you feel that you want to share your work with us, then feel free to get in touch!

• the prizes

Ten artists will be selected to be part of the project. Three of them will be the winners of our three big prices! Please keep reading below in order to find out more about the prizes, the guidelines, how to apply, the judging panel and the fees.

• 1st prize - £1000

• 2nd prize - £500

• 3rd prize - £250

10 artists will be selected out of whom, 3 will win the prizes!

The 10 artists will exhibit their work in our gallery in Athens from the 11th December 2020 until the 12th January 2021. Our gallery is located right in the heart of Athens, minutes away from the Acropolis, Parthenon and several touristic sites, as well as the most popular local destinations. The exhibition will begin with an opening event on the 11th December 2020, 8.30-11.30pm.

The selected artists will also be featured and will receive a copy of a booklet with their artworks and a small interview. There will also be an online version of the booklet (an e-Booklet) with hyperlinks to their websites and social media accounts. 



• Artists from all countries can apply as well as artists of all mediums (painting, sculpting, photography, digital art, textiles, jewellery and more).

• All applicants will be featured in our stories on our social media accounts which will be seen by thousands of people so make sure that you submit clear images of your work in your application.

• The deadline to submit your application is on the 15th November 2020.

• All applicants will exhibit their work in out new Virtual Gallery that will be launched on the 16th November!

• The names of the successful artists will be announced on our social media accounts on the 20th November 2020. All applicants will also receive an email with the results on the 20th November.

• The names of the three big winners will be announced on the 11th December 2020 at the opening of our exhibition and their names will also be announced on our social media accounts. 

• The successful artists will be selected by our diverse judging panel which is consisted by a group of artists and curators from various countries, disciplines and backgrounds. 

• The selected artists are not required to be present at the exhibition opening. They can simply send us their work and we can make all the necessary arrangements on their behalf.

• We do not take any commission from the sales in the exhibition. 

• All applicants can choose between submitting either 2 or 4 artworks (more information below) and our panel will select one artwork to represent each artist for the exhibition and for the 3 big prizes. 

• All applicants will be required to contribute with a small fee which will depend on the number of the artworks they want to submit in their application (£15 for 2 artworks and £25 for 4 artworks). You can either use PayPal or your Bank account:

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 11.50.44.png

• Use PayPal (click on the button of your choice):

• Use your Bank Account ( click on the button below and you will be re-directed. Select the amount your prefer from the two 'Open Art Competition' options). 

Every artist who applies, will be entitled to claim a 40% discount for digital and online services (website design, social media management, logos etc) from the affiliated company,

How to apply

It is really easy to apply and the only thing you will need to do is to send us an email with the requested information:


2 or 4 images (depending on your choice above) of your work attached to the email.

Details of the artworks (title, size, medium and price).

Your website and social media accounts (optional/if applicable). 

• We would also suggest you to attach a screenshot or the receipt of your payment.

Please gather all the information above, send it to and quote 'Contest' in the subject of your email. You will then receive an automated email which will confirm that we have received your application.

Deadline to Apply: 15th November 2020

• The panel

Ronald Gonzalez | Artist (New York, USA)

Ronald Gonzalez Art Number 23.png

Ronald Gonzales is a Professor of Sculpture/Art, at the department of Art & Design, at Binghamton University in the state of New York (USA). He describes his sculptures being "simultaneously beings and things". These inanimate bodies are a source of sorrow and gesture of accumulation expressing a sorted tone of angst. They are solitary and decaying personas still existing in this world set in their final place as imaginary beings of nostalgia, deformation and mortality.

Nia Hefe Filogianni | Artist (London & Athens) 

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 15.24.13.png

Nia Hefe Filiogianni was born in Athens, Greece and currently lives in London (UK). She is a visual artist, art director and founder of Cream Athens, a platform that supports emerging artists around the world. She holds a Bachelors degree (Hons) in Visual Arts and Art History from The American College of Greece (DEREE) and a Masters along with numerous certificates from Central Saint Martins (UAL). She has worked with the British Museum, Royal Academy, Lethaby Gallery, University of Arts London amongst others and her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles (US), Athens (GR) and London (UK). She has been widely featured in Vogue, CNN, She’s Got Wonder, Bricks Magazine and more.

Raphael Dapaah | Curator  (London) 


Dapaah Gallery is a London based art agency and consultancy specialising in Contemporary Art of the global African diaspora. 

We promote and curate solo and exhibitions for unknown and emerging artists, and provide assured, expert advice and consultation to budding art collectors, and patrons alike. 

Our Founder, Raphael Dapaah, is an art collector, curator, writer and historian, with a BA (Hons) in History from University of Warwick. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Contemporary Art and Art Theory of Africa and Asia from University of London, School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS), and is writing a book on Contemporary Ghanaian art.

Vojtěch Mica | Artist (Prague)

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 15.19.02.png

Vojtěch Míča is a contemporary sculptor based in Prague. He completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts (1992) in Prague where he worked as an assistant professor (1993 - 2015). Since the 2015-2016 school year, he has chaired the Atelier of Figural Sculpture and Medals at the Academy of Fine Arts. Vojtěch Míča often studied abroad (e.g. 1990, Perugia; 1991, Zurich; 1991, Daimler - Benz scholarship, Karlsruhe; 1995, Artslink Residencies, Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio; 1998, Sculpture Space, Utica, NY; 1998, Rheinland-Pfalz Scholarships, 2003, The Hague; 2004, Cuenca ad.). He has been regularly exhibiting since 1989, when he participated in the legendary Confrontations at Svárov. The artist's most recent projects include the sculpture exhibition Dolejší/ Kaplan/ Míča/ Spirova/ Velická at Klenová Chateau (Galerie Klatovy / Klenová, 2018).

Katarina Balunova | Artist (Slovakia & Vienna)

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 12.02.12.png

Katarina Balunova is a contemporary artist from Slovakia who currently resides and works in Vienna. She is mainly focused on painting but her work also involves installations and photography. She is influenced by the cityscape and modern architecture and her background also involves curatorial projects as well as participations in group and solo shows and several residencies around the world. The projects she has worked on, have been supported and funded by great institutions and organisations worldwide, including the Slovak Arts Council of Arts. 

Oscar Valenzuela | Cura​tor (Mexico City) 

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 15.28.36.png

Oscar Valenzuela  is the Director of OVALO Art Gallery, based in Mexico City.

With years of experience inside the art universe, OVALO committee has created different spaces to generate content on visual projects around Mexico.

Abandoned houses, galleys in transition, uninhabited cellars, remote forests and public spaces, as part of a continuous communication between art and human beings. Consequently, all the artistic development is gathered in the same place, that arises from the idea of generating a consolidated settlement; OVALO Art Gallery.

Su Wong | Artist  (China & Athens) 

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 20.40.50.png

Su Wong, is a contemporary artist of Chinese heritage who currently resides in Athens, Greece. Her paintings are linked to her inner world and have a strong relationship to personal life experiences. They are a visual narration of her own imaginary world which is consisted by elements of the reality around us (rivers, mountains, stones and more) filtered through her own perspective of our environment. Cheerful and warming, with a tone of musicality, Su's work could be translated in various creative languages such as songs and poems. Su, finished an MA Fine Art course at Central Saint Martins (London, 2015) and after travelling around the world, she decided to stay in Athens, in 2019. This transition in her life, has been a great influence to her most recent work. The culture, the language and the new landscapes, leave their marks and push the artist's barriers to follow new paths in her life.

Names of the Artists who will move to the next Step:

Sarah Strachan

Matej Hrbek

Olga Irene Zafeiropoulou 

Bager Kaya

Gail Seres Woolfson

Andrea Evan

Taylor Dallas

Frederik Fronseca Millan

Katerina Theodosopoulou

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