'shake Dog'


by  Helga borbas

4th June - 4th September


I am a hungarian painter, living and working in Vienna. I studied painting at the University of Pecs, and had around 80 exhibitions in various countries, including Hungary, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Polen, Austria, South Korea, Greece and Slovenia. My paintings are in different permanent exhibitions. Alessandro Berni Gallery is representing my paintings on Artsy.net:



My paintings are inner roads.

Inner stage pictures– Imprints of pure emotional states.

Nearly each of them is a separate character, single story in its own image-field, they are

creatures existing in lurid situations. 

The bodies are twisting like a vortex, they are moving, and wrestling, blooming, decomposing, deteriorating, straining and softening, and they strain to the picture’s plane with an elemental power. This is a series about the vulnerability of the human existence, about life and death, about outburst and release.

I have always been interested in the genuine inner truth, the bare, deeply pulsating, flesh and blood creature, that is a man of feeling, and with his thoughts, the exclusive anxiety of human existence. My paintings are, in fact, ways of existence, a visceral moods, battlefields. When painting, I rely on my own emotive memory. I am keen on the process itself, with random and deliberately created performance I wish to grab the revealing subconscious with harsh emotional intensity, a strong, instinctive, irrational load and I wish to know where I can put this process to a stand. I have always wanted to draw a line as a vivid, living nerve. I am fond of the inner struggle, tha drama of inner fight, this gorgeous shredding.

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