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'Resonance and Reflection'
by  Hideo Ohtsuki


Hideo Ohtsuki was born in Japan and grew up in the USA. Spending most of of his childhood in the US hanging out with people from many different backgrounds. This childhood experience with people influenced in Hideo in ways, such as taking fragments and depicting them into his works. His exhibition “PROLOGUE” held in Slovenia on Dec, 2014 is an example of this; pieces exhibited were combination of drawing and patterns that a foreign connotations could be felt. In Nov, 2018 he entered an competition held by Higashiyama ward of Kyoto. Hideo was awarded an Chairman award in this competition.


Concept of Hideo's works involve the act of creating and expression as faces of coin focusing on bipolarity of things and reconstructing them in monotone aiming to reunite them in a new perspective and balance. In his works, there are open space and detailed space which reflects on essences of things you can see, hear, touch and things you feel and cannot see.


However the world is not simple of two pole because in reality there are not edge of a spectrum but like very abstract definitions which is rather gradations of phenomenon. On Mar 2019, collections that were on exhibited in Osaka depicted these aspects and the works centered around an actor playing its role, having emotions and ones state that cannot be simply separated; limiting colors to monotone but sometimes using one color to imprint the changing phenomenon of things you cannot separate from each other on canvas.


Through creating art Hideo wants to embody what he thinks and let those visions travel within the viewer.

Please note that our Gallery does not take any commission from the sales. Therefore, you are more than welcome to contact the exhibiting artists directly for more information or if you want to purchase an artwork. In case you want us to get involved,
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