Upcoming Exhibitions Abroad

With our international exhibitions (outside London), we aim to explore new cultures and create connections between artists and new audiences from around the world.

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 Prešov and Trebišov , Slovakia 


For our upcoming exhibition abroad, we are traveling to Slovakia, where we have scheduled two exhibitions in two different cities, Prešov and Trebišov.

• Gallery Caraffova väznica (Caraffa Prison Gallery) in Prešov

March 21 - April 15

• Koniaren Gallery in Trebišov from May 4 to May 25, 2019

The theme of the exhibitions is "Metamorphosis - Paramorphosis" and we are looking for any type of artworks that explore the physical deformation of the figure, as well as the transitions between mental states.

Deadline: 5th March

Artists from all countries and of all mediums are welcome to apply including painters, sculptors, video artists, printmakers, photographers and more.

* Please note that for those exhibitions we are looking for small artworks (maximum A3) and easy to transport. The artworks do not have to be framed and we will avoid accepting applications that include glass or other fragile objects. Prints and canvases on their stretchers, artworks on foam board - or some other equivalent material - will be most preferred.

Everyone can apply for free. A small fee of £65 (for both shows) will be applied only to the selected artist in order to cover the expenses of the exhibition - including transportation of your work from London to Slovakia and back. 

Please find all the necessary information below and do not hesitate to contact us at info@artnumber23.uk with any enquiries you may have.


We look forward to working with you!

How to Apply

We do understand that time is precious; therefore, we have made the application process as simple and quick as we could. Artists of all mediums and from all countries are welcome to apply, including painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, illustrators, performers and video artists. 

Please send us an email with the following information, along with a sample of your work and an up-to-date CV:

• Contact information (full name, email, mobile)

• Country, city (where are you currently based)

• Details of the artworks (title, size including the frame, medium, year, price)

• Your artist statement/how your work relates to the theme 

• Links (your website, Facebook, Instagram etc)

You can include the information above in a PDF/DOCX file or in the body of your email.

The sample of your work has to be up to 4 images. If you want to submit more artworks, then please include all images in one PDF file and attach it to your email. 

Please send your email to opportunities@artnumber23.uk and quote the name of the exhibition you are applying for in the subject field.

*Please note that all prints and works on paper must be framed/mounted. Artworks on canvas must be on their stretchers. 

Services and fees

We are responsible for covering every aspect of the exhibition. The only thing that the artists need to do, is to deliver/post their work to us, and enjoy the exhibition we have prepared for them. Our services include:

Catalogues (hard copies) - the catalogues include a short bio/artist statement, image of the artists' works, their email address and their website. Artists who live abroad, outside London or who are unable to attend, will receive a copy of the catalogue via post.

e-Catalogues - a digital version of the catalogue with hyperlinks to each artist's website. Those catalogues are easy to share, and they will be there for you to order one, in case you loose your original copy of the catalogue. See our e-Catalogues here.

Installation of the work in the venue

Storage of the artworks for up to one week after the end of the show. We can also post your work back to you (the artists are responsible for the postage expenses).

Promotion of the exhibition and the participants through our mailing list (more than 2000 subscribers) and on social media.

• Documentation of the artists' work in the venue.


Everyone can apply for free to participate in our shows and we do not take any commission from the sales! This is why an affordable fee will be applied only to selected artists, which will go towards the expenses of each show. Some of those expenses are:

• Venue hire 

• Drinks for the opening event

• Posters and catalogues design

• Printing costs (posters/catalogues/labels)

• Invigilators 

• Postage expenses for the artworks

The fee will depend on the requirements of each show.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at info@artnumber23.uk

We look forward to working with you!

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