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• Exhibit in Istanbul and support the earthquake victims.

After the devastating events that took place in southeastern Turkey and it's nearby regions, we have decided to announce the open call for our show in Istanbul a bit earlier than scheduled.


The aim is to gather funds that will support the earthquake victims and their families. We will donate 15% of the funds gathered for the needs of our show, to organisations, such as, AFAD, AKUT and AHBAP who are currently helping the people in need.

All the necessary information about the space and on how to apply
can be found below. Thank you so much for your support.

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The Gallery: a family of Art Collectors!

The space, Nue Art Gallery, is located in the centre of Istanbul and belongs to a well-established family of art collectors, who have been collecting artworks from local and international artists, for many years. 

The aim of the gallery is to reach new young talents, mid-career and stablished artists. Nue Art Gallery, has been supporting artists with their education, with exhibitions locally and abroad and by organising long-term projects and collaborations with them.

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•  Exhibition Dates and Deadline

27th October to 6th November 2023

Exhibition Opening: 27th October

Deadline to Apply: 22nd March 2023

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• Open call

Our projects are open to artists of all ages, all countries and all mediums (paintings, sculptures, textiles, photography, digital art and more). You do not have to be a professional or established artist to submit your application. Emerging artists, students and artists with no academic qualifications are more than welcome to share their work with us and exhibit in our galleries, as much as everyone else.  


Our team will be responsible for every aspect of the exhibition, including installing the artworks, so the artists who live abroad and are unable to travel, can simply post their work to us and they are not required to be present (even though we would love to see you there and get the chance to meet you in person). 

How to Apply:

All you need to do is send us an email with the requested information:


• Your name as you want it displayed in our posters, catalogues and other publications.


• 1-4 images of your work attached to the email (Jpeg format preferably and any quality is accepted as long as we can see your work clearly).


• Details of the artworks (title, size, medium and price). If you are not certain about how to price your work, then please leave this section empty and we can advise you. If you are not certain about the exact dimensions, then please put the approximate size of the artworks. 


If you want the curators of our gallery to see more of your work, then you can also include your website and your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook etc).


Video Art: Please send us the links with your videos online ( on Vimeo, Youtube or your personal websites). Alternatively, you can send us stills of your videos attached to your email. Please also include all the necessary information (titles of your work and duration). We will provide the necessary equipment in order to display your work.

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Fees and Commission:


Please note that our gallery will not take any commission from the sales. All the funds will go back to artists 100%.

It is free to submit your application. The selected artists will be required to contribute with a fee of €160 in order to cover the expenses of the project (venue hire, drinks and catering, staff, promotion and printing costs of the promotional material) and a 15% will be donated in order to support the earthquake victims.

Please make sure to mention that you are applying for the project in 'Istanbul'.

You can click on the 'Apply Now' button below in order to apply
or simply send us your email to

Deadline to apply: 22nd March 2023

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London • Athens • Barcelona • Salzburg

That's all! We look forward to receiving your applications, meeting you and working with you!

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