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• the space

The Old Biscuit Factory is an inspiring, industrial building and currently one of the biggest art hubs in London, full of visual artists studios, contemporary dancers, fashion designers, actors and many more creatives. Find out more on how to participate in our exhibitions below!

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• exhibit in our gallery!

We invite artists to exhibit their work in our Gallery in London through our Open Calls. If you want to participate in our shows, you can simply send us an email with the following information:


1-4 images of your work attached to the email (Jpeg format). Please name each file with the title of each artwork (e.g. "Untitled.Jpeg")


Details of the artworks (title, size, medium and price). The details must fit each submitted artwork (e.g. "Untitled",

50 x 70 cm, Oil on Canvas, £ )


A short text (50 - 120 words) with some information about your work or your background. We will print this text and place it next to your artwork in the Gallery. 


Your website and social media accounts (optional/if applicable).

Please gather all the information above, send it to and quote 'London Exhibitions' in the subject of your email. There is no charge to submit your application so feel free to share your work with us! You can find more information in our 'Guidelines' section below. 

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Our team is going through all applications we receive and we select the artists that will exhibit in our Gallery. The selected artists will receive an email from us with all the necessary information in detail. Below you can find some more information about the process but if you have any questions, you can always contact us at

• The theme of our exhibitions is open. We are just looking for the most interesting artworks from around the world to be part of our shows.

• The artists will be responsible for delivering/posting their work to us. 

• All artists will be featured in an e-Catalogue with hyperlinks connected to their websites/social media accounts. 

• All artists will receive a hard copy of the catalogue via post. 

• Artists from all counties and of all mediums can apply (painting, sculpting, printmaking, photography, installation, video art and more).

We are currently receiving applications for our exhibition, 13th - 19th March 2020. The deadline to submit your application is 20th February.


the facility

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fees and commission

We do not take any commission from the sales. The funds from the sold artworks go back to the artists 100%. This is why a small fee of £85 will be applied to the artists who will be selected to exhibit in our shows. The fee for video artists is £25. The funds we gather from the fees are going towards the needs of the exhibitions:

• Maintenance of the Gallery space

• Printing costs (poster, labels etc)

• Catalogue design

• Staff/Invigilators

• Catering


Please note that the fee is per artist and not per artwork. We usually select 1-4 pieces approximately (depending on their size) from each artist to be exhibited. The fees for the exhibition include VAT. No extra charges will be applied.

Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you!

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