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'Vicious Circle'

Open Call for Artists

A year is enough time to make a lot of things happen and we are more than blessed to have organized art shows in South America, Europe and the UK. We collaborated with creatives from different fields, art curators and artists and brought together people from all walks of life with our art events. We are happy to have met all of you!


While 2019 is coming to an end we were reflecting on the importance of respecting endings as much as anticipating new beginnings (2020). On that aspect our upcoming exhibition ‘Vicious Circle’ is inviting artists to reflect on their never-ending creative processes. Endings, birth, beginnings and beginnings, birth, endings. 


Our show ‘Vicious Circle’ will be on for six weeks in a massive gallery space at The Old Biscuit Factory in London. Our aim is to showcase the continuing creative processes of artists from around the world.


We are currently accepting submissions from artists who would like to participate in this art project. The deadline to apply is on the 22nd November 2019. We are looking for the most interesting, engaging artworks that will be reflecting your individual artistic character and processes!


The opening of the exhibition will be a lively event on the 6th December 2019 from 6pm until 9pm, with scheduled performances, installations, many artworks and an amazing vibe! The event will be open to the public -admission free - and drinks/catering will be provided to all the guests!



In order to celebrate the end of another fabulous year we are going to select two artists from the applicants, to exhibit their work in two upcoming exhibitions in Athens and Prague!!!  The winners are going to be drawn and announced on a live streaming on the 4th Dec at 8pm (UK time)!

Exhibition Opening Event:  06 Dec 2019


Duration: 06 Dec 2019 – 19 Jan 2020

Deadline to apply: 22 Nov 2019

How to Apply

We do understand that time is precious; therefore, we have made the application process as simple and quick as we could. Artists of all mediums and from all countries are welcome to apply, including painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, illustrators, performers and video artists. 

Please send us an email with the following information, along with a sample of your work and an up-to-date CV:

• Contact information (full name, email, mobile)

• Country, city (where are you currently based)

• Details of the artworks (title, size including the frame, medium, price)

• A few words about your background and work (optional)

• Links (your website, Facebook, Instagram etc)

You can include the information above in a PDF/DOCX file or in the body of your email.

The sample of your work has to be up to 4 images. If you want to submit more artworks, then please include all images in one PDF file and attach it to your email. 

Please send your email to and quote 'London Exhibitions' in the subject field.

*Please note that your work is not required to be framed.

Services and Fees

We are responsible for covering every aspect of the exhibition. The only thing that the artists need to do, is to deliver/post their work to us, and enjoy the exhibition we have prepared for them. Our services include:

Catalogues (hard copies) - the catalogues include a short bio/artist statement, image of the artists' works, their email address and their website. Artists who live abroad, outside London or who are unable to attend, will receive a copy of the catalogue via post.

e-Catalogues - a digital version of the catalogue with hyperlinks to each artist's website. Those catalogues are easy to share, and they will be there for you to order one, in case you loose your original copy of the catalogue. See our e-Catalogues here.

Installation of the work in the venue

Storage of the artworks for up to one week after the end of the show. We can also post your work back to you (the artists are responsible for the postage expenses).

Promotion of the exhibition and the participants through our mailing list (more than 2000 subscribers) and on social media.

• Documentation of the artists' work in the venue. 

• Transportation of your work from London to Athens and back.


Everyone can apply for free to participate in our shows and we do not take any commission from the sales! This is why an affordable fee will be applied only to selected artists, which will go towards the expenses of each show:

Maintenance of the gallery space and our equipment

Catering with professional staff that will offer drinks and snacks at the opening event

• Posters and catalogues design

• Printing costs (posters/catalogues/labels)

• Invigilators 

The fees for the exhibition include VAT. No extra charges will be applied.

2D artworks  

• £240 


• £240

Video Art 

• £90 (we will provide all the necessary equipment)

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to working with you!

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