We are delighted to invite you be part of our collection of solo and group, virtual exhibitions. Display your portfolio in a 3D Gallery with your bio, your catalogue and links to your website and social media accounts. 

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Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 13.01.38

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who can apply?

Our projects are open to artists of all ages, all countries and all mediums (paintings, sculptures, textiles, photography, digital art and more). You do not have to be a professional or established artist to submit your application. Emerging artists, students and artists with no academic qualifications are more than welcome to share their work with us and exhibit in our galleries, as much as everyone else.  

how to apply

It is really easy to apply and there is no judging criteria for this project. This means that the artists who want their portfolio presented in a virtual show can follow the guidelines below and have their show ready within a few days. What we require:


• Your name as you want it displayed and the title of the exhibition.

Up to 20 images of your work attached to the email (Jpeg format preferable and any quality is accepted as long as we can see your work clearly).


Details of the artworks (title, size, medium and price). Please add all the information about each one of your artworks in a Docx file and send it to us. You will not need to use any tables or specific way of display; just a simple list from where we can easily take the information, would suffice.

• Your Artist Statement (up to 250 words). You can write about your background, your work, your education and anything else you may consider important and you want to share with our audience.

• Links to your website and social media accounts.

Please send all the information to projects@artnumber23.uk

If the files are too large to fit in one email, you can use WeTransfer or something similar, as long as it easy for us to download the images.


All participants will be included in a campaign of online promotion in order to help them reach new audiences from around the world. Some of the features that the participants will get are the following: 

• Social Media Stories. All our show and the work of the artists will be featured in our stories on our social media accounts, which will be viewed by thousands of people. 

• e-Booklet with hyperlinks. We create an e-Booklet with the images of all the artworks in the show, a short interview of the artists and clickable hyperlinks that will direct the viewers to their websites/social media accounts.

• Newsletter. Each exhibition and all the artists will be featured in our newsletters (3000+ subscribers).

Exhibition and fees

We accept applications both from individuals and art collectives. You can have your own solo show with just your portfolio on display or you can gather a group of artists and have a group exhibition. Here is some more information about the shows: 

• Each exhibition will be on for three months.

• The maximum number of artworks that can be displayed is 20. The artists/curators can select the artworks that they want to be included in the show and simply send them to us.

• Each exhibition will have its own page on our website with all the related information available for the viewers and it will also be listed along with all our other shows.

The fee is £80. This is for the full three months of the exhibition; not per month. The price includes VAT and no extra charges will be applied. 

If you need more information, please send us an email at project@artnumber23.uk

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing your artworks and your exhibition presented in our virtual galleries!