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We are more than excited to announce our new contest that will give the opportunity to many artists from all over the world to promote their work, win money prizes (1000€ and 500€) to support them with their practice and participate in our projects with residencies, and group and solo exhibitions!


Deadline to apply: 28th May 2022

• the contest

The aim of the project is to provide new opportunities for emerging and established artists to showcase their work to new audiences, develop their skills and create connections with artists and curators from around the world. All participants will get the chance to work with us through our virtual exhibitions and e-Catalogues but we will also have several big prizes that our experienced judging panel will give to the winners. All the necessary information is provided below.

• the prizes

All the artists who will apply, will be part of a virtual exhibition that will last for a full month so everybody gets to win something! All applicants will also be featured in an e-Catalogue with images of their artworks, their contact details and hyperlinks to their websites/social media accounts

14 artists will be selected to win our big prizes which are listed below:

• 1000€ prize + Group Show

One artist will be selected from our judges to win the money prize of 1000€ and also exhibit their work in our gallery in Athens in our project, 'Athens Open Art'.

• Solo exhibitions + 500€

Two artists will be selected to showcase their work in their own solo exhibition in our gallery in Athens and they will also receive 500€ each to support  them with any extra costs. Our team will be there to help with the curation of the exhibition and the promotion of the event on social media and through our mailing list.

• Residencies + Group Show

Two artists will be selected to join and meet our team in Athens. The accommodation will be provided in a luxurious stay with a swimming pool and the artists will also participate in our group shows. More information and images can be found below.

• Group Show + Solo Virtual Shows

9 artists will be selected to participate in our group shows, 'Athens Open Art' and get the chance to showcase their work with other artists from all over the world. Each winner will also get the chance to have their portfolio presented in a solo virtual exhibition

The names of the winners will be announced on our website and social media accounts during the first week of June!

• who can apply?

Our project is open to all types of creatives and from all countries. You do not need to be a professional or established artist in order to apply. Emerging artists, students and artists with no academic qualifications are more than welcome to apply, too 


We accept applications from painters, sculptors, photographers, printmakers, video artists, digital artists, performers and more. The applicants can also be working with jewelleryetchings, embroidery or any other material of their choice. 


The residency

The selected artist will have their own private room in a modern facility, right in the centre of Athens. The apartment is equipped with all the necessary amenities (including WiFi), a cosy living room, a screened porch and it also provides access to the rooftop with a 360º view of Athens and a large swimming pool.

group and solo shows

Our team will assist and support all the winners of our shows with every aspect of the exhibition (curation, technical support, promotion etc). The winners of the solo shows will work closely with the Curators of our Gallery in order to select the artworks for the show and how to approach the whole process. Of course, everything will be curated in agreement with the artists. The winners of the solo shows will also be able to invite other artists to exhibit with them, if they want to.


• how to apply

It is very easy to apply and you can do it simply by sending us an email with the required information:

Please attach images of 1 - 4 artworks or a PDF with a selection of more of your creations. There are no restrictions on the quality of the images; we just want to be able to see them clearly. 

* Please do not send us any files via WeTransfer or any similar platforms that require the users to download the files within a specific amount of time.

All artists are recommended to include more links to their websites or social media accounts so we can see more of their work. 

All applicants must contribute a small amount of £30 (€35 approximately) to help us cover the costs of this project and the people who will work on it. It is a very easy procedure and you can use your bank account, PayPal or Apple Pay. Click at the button below and you will be redirected in order to make the payment.

Please gather all the required information along with the receipt of your payment and send it to or simply click at the button below:

• the judging panel

We have a diverse judging panel of galleries/organisations, Curators and Artists with experience in the field and a critical eye for art! The applications will be seen by professionals with the potential of creating further opportunities for the applicants to get involved in more projects around the world!

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We truly look forward to seeing your artworks and working with you!

Summer Art Contest

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