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'Useful suffer'
by  Lino Lithium


Lino Lithium, 1985 born in Sittard NL.

Graduated ABKM 2010.


Without suffering there wouldn't be art. Suffering is useful.

In my conceptual art I create to self-express, not to make a product.


The suffering both physically and psychologically has become meaningful. The macabre of my work reflects my emotional journey.

A true self transformation as I went on a journey within my own soul and body.

After having had personal suffering as subject and it has made it's way for healing, the focus will shift.


Exploring the thin line between life and death, what it means to be alive. The connection between lust and pain, opposites full of contrast and symbolism.


Without dead life has no meaning.


The materials I work with are all natural. Real pigs blood, tissue, bones, tree branches I find in the woods etc.

I tried expressing myself first with paint but that didn’t cover the intensity and meaning of the subjects I was expressing. Paint fell too superficial, literally because it only covers the surface when the problems I was facing lied deeper within my body, deep where my blood flows.

Please note that our Gallery does not take any commission from the sales. Therefore, you are more than welcome to contact the exhibiting artists directly for more information or if you want to purchase an artwork. In case you want us to get involved,
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