"VIOLET - Die Königin der Farben"


by  Christina Mitterhuber

6th June - 6th September


Christina Mitterhuber was born on 29. December 1975 in Wels, Austria. She lives and works as a painter mainly in 1180 Vienna Pötzleinsdorf, Austria. Where she has her roof terrace studio with a beautiful view overlooking the city of Vienna! www.christinamitterhuber.at 

Since her early childhood - Christina has painted her first oil painting at the age of twelve years - Mitterhuber has painted over 1000 oil paintings and mixed media on canvas in various sizes, before she held her first exhibition in Vienna in 2018.

Mitterhuber is a self taught painter and has studied, worked and lived not just in Europe but also in North America and Australia for some years. She has studied during countless museum and gallery visits around the world. Her favourite painters are the old masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffael, Picasso or Monet among others. Some of her favorite museums are "The Met - The Metropolitan Museum of Art" in New York City and "Musée d'Orsay" in Paris.

Christina did not show her paintings to the public until 2018. She held her first exhibition in one of the best galleries in Vienna and since then she has participated at more than 50 exhibitions and International Art Fairs in Austria, Italy, Germany and Spain. Looking back, she feels happy about her decision to wait until she felt ready to show her work to the public.

Mitterhuber also likes to paint serieses like "WE in red", which consists of 65 paintings so far and was inspired by one of Frederic Chopin's Nocturnes. Other serieses of hers are "Shades of red", "Violett", "Views", "Eisrosen" or "Aqua touch".

Christina Mitterhuber has already been selected to the Biennale of Rome 2020, at the International Art Fair in Messina 2019. She will continue to exhibit her paintings in 2020/ 21 by participating at International Art Fairs in Venice, Luxembourg, Cannes, Miami, Innsbruck and NYC...

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