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• welcome to a new era!

Even though we realise the importance of a physical space and the artworks to be displayed live in front of the audience, we also noticed the need of a space that is accessible to everyone from around the world, just with one click! The idea behind this project is to create a platform where the artists can easily promote their work and get in contact with other artists, curators, art-enthusiasts and art collectors from around the world. 

The design of the virtual space gives the user the full potential of navigating through the exhibition and observing the artworks, just like in real life

Therefore, we would like to welcome you to this new era of art exhibitions and invite you to be part of it. All the information on how to apply and participate in this project is available below. You can visit our current Virtual Exhibitions by clicking at the button at the bottom of the page! 

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• exhibit in our gallery!

We invite artists to exhibit their work in our Online Gallery through our Open Calls. If you want to participate in our shows, you can simply send us an email with the following information:


1-4 images of your work attached to the email (Jpeg format). Please name each file with the title of each artwork (e.g. "Untitled.Jpeg")


Details of the artworks (title, size, medium and price). The details must fit each submitted artwork (e.g. "Untitled",

50 x 70 cm, Oil on Canvas, Price )


A short text (50 - 120 words) with some information about your work or your background. This text will be featured in the e-Catalogues we will design with all the participants. 


Your website and social media accounts (optional/if applicable).

Please gather all the information above, send it to and quote 'Virtual Exhibitions' in the subject of your email. There is no charge to submit your application so feel free to share your work with us! You can find more information in our 'Guidelines' section below. 


All participants will be included in a campaign of online promotion in order to reach new audiences from around the world. Some of the features that the participants will get are the following: 


• Clickable images on display. The viewers will be able to click on the artworks on display and receive more information about the artwork and the artist's website/social media accounts.

• e-Catalogues with hyperlinks. All the participants will be featured in an e-Catalogue with the images of their work and clickable hyperlinks that will direct the viewers to their website/social media accounts.

• Social Media Stories. All participants will be featured in our stories on our social media accounts and they will be viewed by thousands of people. 

• Newsletter. Each exhibition and all the artists will be featured in our newsletters (3000+ subscribers).

• Solo Virtual Exhibition. All participants will get a 40% discount to organise and promote their solo Virtual Exhibition.  

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Our team is going through all applications we receive and we select the artists that will exhibit in our gallery. The selected artists will receive an email from us with all the necessary information in detail including the exact dates that their work will be exhibited. Below you can find some more information about the process but if you have any questions, you can always contact us at

The theme of our exhibitions is open. We are just looking for the most interesting artworks from around the world to be part of our shows.

• Each exhibition will be on for three weeks.

• Each artist will have 1-4 artworks on display in the exhibition. 

• Artists from all counties and of all mediums can apply (painting, sculpting, printmaking, photography, installation, video art and more).

• There is no restriction on the size of the artworks and no specific preferences on the quality of the images - just please make sure they are clear and visible in your application.

This is a rolling project so there is no deadline to apply and all artists can apply any time. The Curators of our gallery will go through all applications and they will inform the applicants with the results via email within one to three weeks

fees and commission

In order to provide the best quality we can, a small fee of £25 will be applied to the artists who will be selected to exhibit in our gallery. The funds we gather will go towards the needs of the exhibition, such as Graphic Designers, Web Developers and charges that apply for the maintenance of the online space.


Please note that the fee is per artist and not per artwork. The fees for the exhibition include VAT and no extra charges will be applied.

view our current shows

By clicking at the button below, you will be directed to the page where you can find our current Virtual Exhibitions! Navigate through the space and enjoy some amazing artworks!


We look forward to hosting your work in our upcoming shows!

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