by WomenPhotoGR

8th March 2021 - 8th July 2021


WOMENPHOTOGR, the first community in Greece dedicated to female, LGBT+ and non-binary photographers presents WOMANHOOD IS, a virtual exhibition which explores the meaning of womanhood through the thought-provoking works and words of twenty artists based permanently or temporarily in Greece. 

The exhibition is launched on the occasion of International Women’s Day March 8th, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of femininities, an important opportunity to discuss about accelerating gender equality.

The exhibition WOMANHOOD IS is contributing to the open debate about women’s rights and the rise of the #metoo movement in Greece and the world.

Curated by: Vicky Markolefa, Mind the Bump Productions.


For more information about the works and for purchase inquiries, please contact the artists directly. WOMENPHOTOGR, the curator and Art Number 23 have no commission, involvement or responsibility for the sales of the artworks.  All profits are managed by and attributed to the artists. 

WOMENPHOTOGR and the curator are not responsible for the content of the images or the accompanying texts provided by artists. 

Copyright belongs to the creators. ART NUMBER 23 and WOMENPHOTOGR have been granted permission to exhibit the works in the framework of this exhibition.