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Jessielaine Punongbayan






artist biography

Jessielaine Punongbayan is a self-taught artist from the Philippines who has made her way to Austria, where she works as a software engineer. Her experiences as an expatriate artist living in Europe have greatly influenced her unique style of art.

Inspired by her travels, Jessielaine's artwork showcases a variety of themes, including nature, street art, music, textures, and patterns. Her work often features bright acrylics, muted pastels, textured clay, watercolor, pointillism and carvings. As a result, her growing collection is diverse in both style and medium.

Rediscovering her passion for painting later in life has given Jessielaine a sense of urgency and adventure, which drives her to experiment and push the boundaries of her art. She is constantly exploring new techniques and styles, and her artwork is a reflection of her journey as an artist.

OceanWaves I.jpg
OceanWaves II.jpg
OceanWaves III.jpg
The Voice Within - Aurora.png
The Voice Within - Strawberry.jpg
The Voice Within - Rainbow.png

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