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Open Art - We are coming with a brand new exhibition every Friday, in one or more of our galleries, in Athens, Barcelona and Salzburg! Artists from all over the world are exhibiting their work in our spaces and we are here to welcome you all and admire their wonderful creations together!


Below, you will find all the information about our current and upcoming events, the opening times, as well as the names of all the exhibiting artists!

Please remember that it is completely free to join and we will have music, drinks, wall projections of contemporary dance and an amazing selection of artworks for you to enjoy!

• Athens - Previous!

Opening Event:

Friday 17th March,


Opening times:

18th March to 23rd March


Exhibiting Artists:

Silvia Giovanardi

Olga Volkova

Evelina Chatzidiakou

Dimitrios – Christos Moschos

Eviana Gerousi

Petrova Galina

Nefeli Gkika

Panagiotis Kapizionis

Root Yarden

Aggeliki Koutelekou 

Persefoni Vlachoutsikou

Alex Fitsopoulos

Vasiliki Theou

Stef Will 

Thomas Falkner

Glauco Galarini

Manuela Gagidis

Posters_Open art-3.jpg

Art Number 23 - Athens

Dim. Eginitou 8, Thiseio, 118 51

• Barcelona - Previous Show!

Opening Event:

Friday 17th March,


Opening times:

18th March to 23rd March, 

Saturday & Sunday 17.00pm - 21.00pm,

Monday to Thursday 11.00am to 17.00pm  

Exhibiting Artists:

Lika Sharashidze
Click † Click 
Bridget Harvey 
Malen Moll
Anita Le Sech
hassan issa
Alexandra Cristina
Momo Puente
Cameron G
Miché Hamilton
Smaranda Huides
Walter Mirka 
Tatjana Zonca 
Oriane Ines 
Patricia Figueiras
Edison Alcaide
Pedro Ventura

Noel Pokrajac

Paris Sergiou

Daniel Martinez

BCN_Posters_Open art.png

Art Number 23 - Barcelona 

calle Sant Marc 26, Gracia, 08012

• Salzburg - Currently on!

Opening Event: 

Friday, 24th March,

from 19.00pm until 22.00pm

Opening times:

25th March to 30th March, 

Saturday to Thursday 16.00 - 20.00pm.

Exhibiting Artists:

Bianca Dakli

Nico Quaschniewski aka Wicked Creation

Pierre Ensyn

Anja Marjanovic

Mišo Jevtović (Mnosd)

Florian Riemerschmid

Hanna Pajor

Antónia Rebelo

Rosa Besler

Maria-Theresa Prins

Hector Palacios

Guyve Boroumand (A.G.B.)

Stef Will

GiN Studio

Marc Itzinger

Paris Sergiou

Susana Faustino

Margarida Pina Mendes

Poster_Open art.png

Art Number 23 - Salzburg

Rudolfskai 54, 5020, Austria

Final Art.Number23 Logo Liniar - Light -
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