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20.00 - 23.00PM

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Athens Open Art - We are coming with a brand new exhibition every Friday, in our gallery, in Athens! Artists from all over the world are exhibiting their work in our space and we are here to welcome you all and admire their wonderful creations together!


Below, you will find all the information about our current and upcoming events, the opening times, as well as the names of all the exhibiting artists!

• Coming Up

We look forward to seeing you all at the opening of our upcoming exhibition on Friday, 27th May! The exhibition will be open to the public from 20.00pm until 23.00pm!


Please remember that it is completely free to join and we will have music, drinks, wall projections of contemporary dance and an amazing selection of artworks for you to enjoy!

Exhibiting Artists: ​

Michael Devanakis

Stella Jae

Mayuko Uno grey 

Eva solo Art 

Ethan Desantis

Yannis Foulias 


Marko Reeboskic

K Kania

Leila Samari


Roberta Bergmann

Stella Whalley

Olivia Ghalioungui

Maryam Sehhat


• Currently on:

You can visit our gallery daily, Saturday to Thursday, 16.00 to 20.00pm and enjoy the show that is currently on! Below, are the names of the artists who are participating in our current exhibition. 

Exhibiting Artists: ​

Erica entrop


Alexis Maillard Angelopoulos

Marie Le Mao

Eurydice Maria Ventouri (MEV)

Nicolas Elia Dolzer

Paula Ellinger

Michel Devanakis

Kıvanç Nalça

Marianna Tzortzi

Romeo Méndez

Yujie Li

Veronica Pinti - Ventogitano

Katasha Rose

Carlota González

Mee Jey

Bruno Pavić


Opening times/How to find us
Our gallery is open every day of the week!
We are open daily 16.00pm - 20.00pm
from Saturday to Thursday

and we have our opening events
every Friday, 20.00-23.00pm

Athens: Dim. Eginitou 8, Thiseio, 118 51
Closest stations:
• Thissio Station - 8 mins
• Monastiraki Metro - 15 mins
Admission Free
No need to book
Open Bar
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