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• Venue Hire

Our galleries can be hired by groups or individuals for their personal projects! We want to encourage and motivate new Artists and Curators to experiment and work on their projects, and also provide all the necessary amenities for people with experience in the field to set up their events.

Organise your own solo exhibition or gather a number of artists for a group show! Our spaces have hosted several types of events such as art shows, music events, book presentations, bazaars and many more!

All the details along with the floor plans, can be found below. We look forward to hosting your amazing events!


All our spaces provide a nice and cozy environment for your projects, along with all the necessary amenities in order to organise a

successful event!

photo 15-07-2022, 20 55 35.jpg

Tell us more about your project!

The final price of hiring any of our spaces, will be determined according to the nature of your event, its duration and its needs. Our pricing starts from €500 per week

(for a full 7-days booking).

Floor Plans

• Athens


Get a quote

You can send us an email with the following information about your event and we will send you the price for hiring the space:

• The nature of your event (eg art exhibition, book presentation, performance etc)

• The duration of your event ( for how many days will you need to book the space?)

• Please let us know if it will be a free to enter or a ticketed event.

Please contact our team of the space you are interested in hiring

by clicking at the buttons below:

Please note that all events will be listed on our website and shared on our social media accounts in order to reach more people. 

We will be happy to offer guidance and assistance on how to organise an event, to emerging Artists and Curators!

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That's all! We look forward to reading more about your projects and hosting your events in our spaces!

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