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• Exhibit in Tokyo, Japan!

We are truly excited to present you one of our upcoming projects that has been in our list for years! Exhibit your work in a dream destination for many people and promote your artworks to an entirely new audience! All the information on how to apply can be found below:

Japanese Side Streets

the space

The exhibition will take place at Design Festa Gallery, a three-floor space that hosts events and art-related activities from all sorts of artists and creatives! Design Festa Gallery, provides a cosy and friendly environment for artists, curators and art-enthusiasts to develop their projects, and it is the destination for more than 300 visitors per day (locals and foreigners).


The gallery is located in Shibuya, Tokyo; a center for fashion and culture in Japan and a major commercial and finance district.

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•  Exhibition Dates and Deadline

We understand that visiting Tokyo is part of the plans for many artists but of course you will not be obligated to be present for the needs of the show. You can simply send your work to us (more information about the transportation can be found below) and we can be responsible for representing you throughout this project. 

In order to make it easier for those who are planning on coming in person and explore the city while exhibiting their work, we have decided not to give any fixed dates of the show, and wait until we have the full line up with all the participants. After that, we will send a few options to all the artists and book the dates according to what works better for the majority. The aim is to have the show either in early December or in the beginning of 2024 (after mid-January) and all artists will be informed about the specific dates, at least six months before the opening of the show, in order to get enough time to prepare for their trip.

There is no deadline to apply. We are receiving a high volume of applications and we will book the show as soon as we have received the number of artists we are looking for.

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• Open call

Our projects are open to artists of all ages, all countries and all mediums (paintings, sculptures, textiles, photography, digital art and more). You do not have to be a professional or established artist to submit your application. Emerging artists, students and artists with no academic qualifications are more than welcome to share their work with us and exhibit in our galleries, as much as everyone else.  


Our team will be responsible for every aspect of the exhibition, including installing the artworks, so the artists who live abroad and are unable to travel, can simply post their work to us and they are not required to be present (even though we would love to see you there and get the chance to meet you in person). 


Transportation of the artworks: In order to avoid any confusion with the posting of your work and the Customs Office, we can be responsible for transporting your work from Europe to Japan. You can simply send us your work and we will be responsible for taking it to the gallery. This applies to small and light artworks (with sides not bigger than 100cm and less than 5kg). The artists who want to exhibit bigger artworks will be able to arrange it personally to post their work to the gallery (we will provide all the necessary details).

How to Apply:

All you need to do is send us an email with the requested information:


• Your name as you want it displayed in our posters, catalogues and other publications.


• 1-4 images of your work attached to the email (Jpeg format preferably and any quality is accepted as long as we can see your work clearly).


• Details of the artworks (title, size, medium and price). If you are not certain about how to price your work, then please leave this section empty and we can advise you. If you are not certain about the exact dimensions, then please put the approximate size of the artworks. 


If you want the curators of our gallery to see more of your work, then you can also include your website and your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook etc).


Video Art: For those who want to apply with video art, please send us the links with your videos online ( on Vimeo, Youtube or your personal websites). Alternatively, you can send us stills of your videos attached to your email. Please also include all the necessary information (titles of your work and duration). We will provide the necessary equipment in order to display your work.


Fees and Commission:


Please note that our gallery will not take any commission from the sales. All the funds will go back to artists 100%.

It is free to submit your application. The selected artists will be required to contribute with a fee of €260 in order to cover the expenses of the project (venue hire, drinks and catering, staff, transportation of the artworks, and promotion and printing costs of the promotional material).

Please make sure to mention that you are applying for the project in 'Tokyo'.

You can click on the 'Apply Now' button below in order to apply
or simply send us your email to


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London • Athens • Barcelona • Salzburg

That's all! We look forward to receiving your applications, meeting you and working with you!

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