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Caroline Ghantous


artist biography

Caroline Ghantous is a watercolor artist born in Cairo, Egypt, to a Palestinian mother and Lebanese father. After studying Art & Design at SJSU in California, she worked as an Art Director in advertising in Cairo and UAE before moving to France to focus on her art, which has now become her primary career.

As a watercolor artist, her main inspirations come from the 1920s, Frida Kahlo, fairies, nature and whimsical elements. Her art revolves around celebrating the sacred beauty of the female form, mind, and soul. Her creative journey involves balancing her roles as a woman, mother, wife, and painter.

Caroline Ghantous has explored various techniques, but watercolor remains her primary medium. Her first exhibition in France, titled “Silence,” focused on the female body, while her recent series, “I AM WOMAN,” showcases the beauty, strength, and expression of women.

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