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Glauco Galarini


artist biography

Glauco Galarini was born in Urbino. From the very start he came in touch with art thanks to his father. After having moved to Rome, he started to get close to painting as an autodidact. From there, his passion grew more and more, to the point of wanting to make it an actual career. Glauco's creative process has always been tied to his brushstroke. The main idea around which the artists’ art revolves is the contrast created between the bodies, which are delicate, and what surrounds them. These surroundings are made with denser, tactile brushstrokes, almost to the point of showing the brush marks.

What makes painting stimulating is knowing that you're touching a person's strings, but not knowing which ones, because every one of us is different from the other and in front of the same artwork feels different emotions.

The Warrior.jpg
The Dreamers.jpg
Unsuspected bother.jpg
Self portrait n2.jpg

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