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• Guidelines

We wanted to say massive thank you for sharing your work with us and expressing your interest in participating in our projects! 

Below, you will find all the necessary details regarding the project you will participate in.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact our gallery members. The contact details can be found below.

Key dates

These are the important dates that you need to make a note of, or put directly in your calendar. It includes the dates and times that the exhibition will be open, as well as the dates that you will need to deliver and collect your work. 

This information can be found in the PDF file we attached at the email we sent you, where we inform you that your work has been selected to be part of our show. We would highly recommend you to download the file so you can have it available, even though we will be sending you reminders and notifications when we are getting closer to the opening of your show. 

presenting your work

Presenting your work in the correct way is of utmost importance, not only  for sales but also for the proper documentation of your work in the space! Displaying it in a frame is always the best option and the one we would suggest for all artworks. Here are some alternatives though:

Artworks on canvas can be on their stretchers (image below) without a frame. We would suggest you not to display you work without a stretcher.


For prints, digital art, photography and works on paper in general: we would highly recommend you to have them framed. Especially the ones in larger sizes. A nice and affordable alternative for displaying them without a frame, would be to print them on foam board (image below).


If you need any suggestion on how/where to print and frame your work, you can always contact us via email and we will be happy to provide some suggestions for you.


• promotion

All artists will be featured in our stories on our social media. Therefore, we would suggest you to have as much information as you can in your social media bios, along with links to your websites so the viewers can see more of your work. All the artists' names will be listed on the poster of the exhibition and mentioned in our newsletter, too.

• sales and commission

Your work will be available for sale in the gallery - unless if you prefer it to be "not for sale" - and we do not take any commission from the sold artworks.


The price of your work is something that you will define and we will not interfere at all. Of course, we are more than happy to help if you have any questions with regards to pricing your work.


As you can see in the image below, we will have a printed text with some information about you and your work, along with your website, contact email and social media accounts. This means that if someone wants to purchase your work, they will be able to contact you directly and you can liaise with them. If someone walks in the gallery and wants to purchase an artwork directly, then we can receive the payment on your behalf and transfer the full amount to your account. If you need any further advice, you can always contact us!




The price of your work will not be on display next to your artworks, as we believe that it is more important for people to focus on the actual artworks. The prices and all the information (dimensions, materials etc) about each one of the artworks on display, will be presented in a booklet right by the entrance. There will also be a QR code available that people will be able to scan and get the information about the artworks on their devices.

participation fee

Your contribution is essential in order to keep being active and keep offering more working positions to artists.

The budget we gather is meant to cover the needs of the show, including the rent of the space, the drinks, the printing costs, the advertisement and of course, the effort of all the our colleagues who will be installing the artworks, opening the gallery every day and making sure that everything goes well! Your only responsibility will be to deliver your work to us and we will take care of everything else.


It is totally easy to make the payment and you can choose whether you want to use your bank card, your PayPal account or Apple Pay.

The participation fees are:

• 100€ to exhibit in one of our galleries. Any gallery of your choice.

• 180€ to exhibit in two of our galleries. Any two galleries of your choice.

• Video Art - 100€ for a full week show in all our galleries (Athens and Prague).

We would normally expect the payment in order to secure your participation, within 5 days from the day you received the emails that informed you that you have been selected. If you need more time though, you can always let us know.

contact information 

You will be able to contact us anytime you want if you need something and the members of our team will be happy to help you!


We would highly recommend you to contact us via email and please try to avoid contacting us on our social media pages. The people who run our social media accounts may not be able you to assist you. Our contact details can be found below:


Dim. Eginitou 8, Thiseio

118 51

landline: 211 11 77 234 (during working hours only)


Holečkova 418 /17 Prague 5​

confirm your participation

Please remember that, if everything looks good to you, then we will expect you to reply to our email and confirm that you still want to participate in our show so we can put your name down in our list.

That's all! We truly hope to hear from you soon and start working together!

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