We are excited to start a new project of exhibitions in Salzburg, and we are looking for people to join our team! We also have available working positions in our gallery in Athens!

You can find more information below on how to get in touch!


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• the Job

The position is meant to help us with the daily tasks of the gallery and with organizing the events in the space. It can either be a pop-up collaboration, or permanent part-time positions, so please feel free to contact us whether you are looking for a long term or a short-term position. Some of the skills that the selected applicants must have, can be found below:

• English speakers - We are looking for people who can speak and write fluently in English. We do not require your level in English to be academic, but you will need to be able to communicate easily with an international team. Both for the galleries in Salzburg and Athens, a good command of German and Greek respectively, is preferred.

• Artists/Creatives - We will prioritise in providing opportunities to artists/creatives who are interested in learning how running a gallery and organising artistic events/activities works. 

• Software users - This skill is not essential but any knowledge on softwares like Photoshop, Final Cut (or something equivalent), InDesign etc would be a plus so make sure to mention them in your application.

The tasks:

The selected applicants will get the basic training from our team so any previous experience is not essential. They must be physically working in the gallery and be responsible for the daily tasks, such as replying to emails; helping with packing/unpacking and installing the artworks; preparing for the opening events of the exhibitions.


The monthly salary will be arranged according to the skills of the selected applicants but it will definitely be equal or above the minimum wages of the country.

• How to apply

As we mentioned above, it is essential to be able to speak English so all applications must be in English. Any applications in any other language will be immediately disqualified.  

• Please attach your CV and also write a small text (one-two paragraphs) about yourself and your background, and also please explain why this position would be good for you and how it may help you in your future plans for your career. 

• Please try to include your schedule and other current activities you may have (University, seminars etc), along with your availability to work with us eg. 6 or 3 days per week. 

You can send your emails to:


for our team in Salzburg - szg@artnumber23.uk

for our team in Athens - athens@artnumber23.uk

The deadline to submit your applications is on the 10th September 2022. The shortlisted applicants will be notified via email until the 15th September and they will be invited for an interview with the people from our teams in each gallery. Please note that we are expecting a high volume of application so we may not be able to provide feedback to every applicant individually.

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London • Athens • Barcelona • Salzburg

That's all! We look forward to receiving your applications, meeting you and working with you!