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Khandker Tarek

artist biography

The Creator has all the clues for us - all around us. We just need to ponder, pick and put in our canvases. That's my approach towards art – my paintings. I mostly do figurative abstract. End of the day, it is all about the human spirits that present this core sense to us – the sense we use to know and to let others know what is our art. We never ask why or how. That's basic and I try to get the basics. 

I think it is possible to create the past and the future in the present. Every present is past, every present is future That is how it is for millions of years behind (and remember, we have that unbroken chain since the first human opened eyes and, maybe, appreciated art). And, that is how it will be millions of years in the future. We are floating. That is where souls swim. That is art.

I mostly do oil on canvas – but I appreciate all forms of art. I am not blocked in any geographic area. The world is a big canvas. In my personal life – I have children both daughter and son. Children are blessings – more and more! They guide us in life – we do not guide them. That's how that unbroken chain mysteriously works. Let art be a part of everything that we understand and everything that we do not understand.


"Lisa Mona 01", Oil On Canvas, 20.8 x 23.8 in


"Horns Around London", Oil On Canvas, 30 x 20 in


"Hint And Whisper Of Degas In My Melbourne", Oil On Canvas, 30 x 20 in


"Queen's Persian Night Of Light", Oil On Canvas, 20 x 16 in


"Curves Of Closeness", Oil On Canvas, 20 x 20 in


"Somehow The Tower Bridge London", Oil On Canvas, 30 x 20 in

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