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Luana Sallustio


artist biography

Luana Sallustio is a twenty-year old artist and interactive media designer from Zurich, Switzerland with roots in Italy. Her style has developed over many years since she first started painting. She already started creating various things at a very young age. She now regularly creates works of art in her studio in Zurich with oil, acrylic, graphite, pastel, wax, and other painting media.

She is known for her contemporary abstract yet modern and loose realistic multimedia paintings. Moved by her energy, Luana's aesthetic choices are intuitive rather than premeditated. Through her gestural brushstrokes and mixed media, Luana's paintings summon an energized, even childlike, emotional, and mesmerizing response. Hoping to make you look at art in a different way and stimulate you to think.

Her style is a result from years of development. Luana and her art evolve together and make her creativity glow in different sizes, colors, and forms.


She is inspired by the everyday life and looking at things in a different way. With her forms and her specific style, Luana thus creates something entirely her own. Each piece of Luana's work is created with a lot of effort, passion and love hoping to inspire you in the way she gets inspired.

Luana’s artworks are now exhibited all over the world.

Crescent Red_Oil and LED_120x120.jpg

Virtual Show

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