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Manuela Gagidis


artist biography

Manuela Gagidis is a multidimensional artist that creates dazzling paintings, mostly of women, using lyrics, mixed media, and her favorite liquid, coffee. She shares stories and tries to inspire her viewers to dig deeper and feel the artwork by merging her vision and a profound sense of gratitude for life with techniques from art therapy. In so-called art-coaching sessions, which combine art class and art therapy techniques, she conveys her artistic philosophy and language.


Despite the many color palettes of coffee and its beauty, Manuela enjoys using coffee in her watercolor paintings because it brings back her greatest childhood memories. Making coffee brought family and friends together in the morning or the afternoon to chat and enjoy life. In order to connect with the emotion behind a narrative and share this personal and joyful experience with an audience outside of herself, she began to use coffee with her brush. With a splash of it, some color, some lyrics, some acrylic markers, and some objects made of gold, silver, and copper, Manuela produces really powerful paintings. As a viewer, you are drawn into this warm, intimate, and friendly moment.


Manuela also enjoys creating mixed-media acrylic paintings, which have a more lively visual language. Layers of color, collage techniques, music, and glimpses of comic characters are used by the artist to communicate the story of conquering with a fine sense of humor. Since she respects children's coping strategies as a legitimate response to life's challenges and injustice, Manuela uses this particular technique to construct a metaphorical safe zone for abused, assaulted, lost, and abandoned souls while being entertaining and cheerful in the present moment.


As a result, when you look at Manuela's paintings, you travel inside your own thoughts and feelings and experience art at its finest. Possibly with a cup of delicious coffee in your hands.

Animalism and beastliness = Intellectuality and sensuality ink on A3 paper 2022
Also sprach Zarathustra 280x280cm oil on canvas. 2022

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