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'My Palimpsests'

by Olga Goldina Hirsch


Olga is a British artist.  She left her native city of Moscow in 2011, imbued with the cultural memory that inevitably shapes the Russian psyche and forms the basis of a certain emptiness and hopelessness 

common to all.

Olga decided ‘to rewrite the draft of her life’ and in 2018 she got a Master degree in Fine Art (City & Guilds of London Art School). 

Her early works are full of ‘shadows from the past’ and filled with textures. On her paintings she is by the window, to which she returns again and again, until she decides ‘to escape’ and opens it to meet other worlds. Her language becomes more metaphorical, and more 


Through layers of whitewash over primed by black gesso ‘her palimpsests’ viewers may immerse themselves with fragments of drawings reminiscent of her past. In her present works there are no restrictions. She found quite magically that as her brush touches the canvas, her thoughts and feelings begin to take form.

Olga has recently presented at established international galleries, and become a member of International Association of Visual Art, Florence, Italy. Her works are in private collections, including 

the Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, Greece, published in art magazines and in numerous of exhibitions, of late, all virtual. Her painting has been chosen for presentation by Le Salon des Artistes 

Français, Paris, France.

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