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Paris Sergiou



artist biography

Paris Sergiou is a young artist who presently lives and works in Nicosia, Cyprus. He has been running his own studio since the age of 16. His work incorporates authenticity, honesty, creative play and mapping of a parallel world, which he moulds in order to share! Born 2004 his artistic vocabulary is internally excavated. He was raised in an artistic environment but this is not the determining part. Curiosity is indeed hereditary. In Paris’ case, his environment was a positive contributor, as it recognized, appreciated and supported his ‘’being’’. The base of his thought, however, is what is crucial in this case. It is so different to his environment and for this reason we are allowed to discuss the authenticity of his work!

Paris Sergiou
Animalism and beastliness = Intellectuality and sensuality ink on A3 paper 2022
Also sprach Zarathustra 280x280cm oil on canvas. 2022
The poesy of engineering Fluorescent Ink on canvas 150x200cm 2022
Paris Sergiou
Pleased to meet you 280x185m Oil on canvas. 2022

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