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'A Sense of Awe'

by Patricia Rain Gianneschi

7th May 2021 - 7th July 2021


Patricia’s work brings the viewer into a space where they become open to the forces of Imagination and Spirit. Art can transform us, can awaken in us a new awareness, create new sensations and even new revelations, through Color and Form. Painting works as an act of spiritual practice for Patricia, entering with body and mind, searching for images wandering through the canvas.


In her effort to create an environment that would induce AWE in the viewer, and in herself, she has not yet abandoned the figure. In her desire to elicit a response from the viewer, she employs the basic compositional elements of narrative, in Abstraction, inviting the viewer to “take in” colour and form, creating a visual vocabulary, allowing the viewer to form their own narrative, and there by gaining an insight into her investigation of the Spiritual in Art.

Please note that our Gallery does not take any commission from the sales. Therefore, you are more than welcome to contact the exhibiting artists directly for more information or if you want to purchase an artwork. In case you want us to get involved,
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