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• Participation Fee

Thank you so much for submitting your application and working with us! We are truly excited about our collaboration and we are more than positive that you will enjoy working with us, too! 

Your contribution is essential in order to keep working this way, maintain our space and keep providing more working placements to artists! Below, you will find the ways that you can make the payment. You can choose the payment method that works better for you:

Athens art number23 gallery

• direct Bank Payment

Art Number 23 is a registered company in the UK (company number: 12480956) so you can also make the payment directly to the bank account below, if that makes it easier for you. Please make sure that the full amount will be transferred and that any commissions from your bank will not be charged to the gallery (this is why we would recommend the first payment method): 



Bank Details


Bank: Starling

Account name: Art Number 23 Ltd 

Sort code: 60 - 83 - 71


Account number: 43623464

  • ●  IBAN : GB31SRLG60837143623464


 Important: Please put your name as the reference (the reason you are making the payment) so we can spot the payment easily and also send us an email when the payment is done.


Office Address (in case it is required for the transaction):


Art Number 23 Limited

Flat 6 Moffat House

Comber Grove



pay pal - Apple Pay - bank card

This is the most preferred, safe and easy way to make the payment. You can use your PayPal, Apple Pay or even your bank card - just like buying something online. Please click on the project you are participating in and you will be directed to 

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 17.40.25.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 17.41.04.png
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