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• Greece Yacht Residency

We are truly excited to invite you to be part of an uncanny residency project! Join us in this wonderful exploring trip on a yacht, around the beautiful islands and other amazing destinations of Greece. We will visit remains of ancient civilisations, get new influences, produce new artworks, and meet new people! Artists from all countries and of all mediums can apply. All the necessary information can be found below!

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• the residency

The aim of the residency, is to gather artists from different backgrounds in order to exchange perspectives and ideas, while exploring the rich cultural history of Greece and enjoying its beautiful landscapes and seascapes!


We want to create a pleasant experience for everyone so, even though we will have some scheduled activities that will be optional for the artists to join (like visiting Museums, ancient temples, traditional churches, local art galleries, artists' studios and more), each participant, will be free to tailor the residency according to the way they want to approach it and use their time in a way that they consider productive, according to their own criteria. 

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The meet up point will be in Athens and this will also be the location where the residency will conclude. We will all gather and have a welcoming drink and a fruit platter on the yacht, so we can relax and get to know each other. An experienced member of our team will be there to talk to you about your project and provide tips and advice for those who want to. 

All artists will be required to take documentation of the whole experience with photos, sketches, videos, drawings, found objects, research notes or any other medium they prefer. On the final day of the residency, after we return to Athens, we will have an event organised in our gallery space, at the Historical Center of Athens, near the Acropolis. We will invite local artists, curators and art-enthusiasts and each participant will get a designated space so they can present the material they have gathered throughout the tour!


•  Dates and schedule

The duration of the residency will be for one week. Starting from Athens, we will be visiting a new harbor every day in locations of high cultural and touristic value. 

We will organise a trip to the Ancient Theatre and Sanctuary in Epidauros and explore how closely related the arts were with health and how theatre and music where excellent healing tools for the ancient Greeks! Some highlights of the activities include hiking to an ancient volcano, visits to the Temple of Poseidon and the Temple of Aphaia, along with visits to local contemporary galleries.

Image by Jake Weirick

"Secret anchorage: at some point during our trip, we will anchor away from all city lights for a night, 

so we can enjoy the clear sky, just looking at the stars and our beautiful Milky Way!"

Our trip will also be full of visits to wonderful coasts with turquoise waters where we can swim and enjoy the beautiful weather. We will be harboring in bays, close to areas that attract touristic activities like restaurants and bars (for those who want to experience the local night life or get supplies).

The residency will take place in September 2024. This is one of the best periods to visit Greece, in order to avoid any unpleasant heat waves and overcrowded locations

Beach Chairs
Image by Despina Galani

•  What is provided?

The program will cover all needs of the trip, including accommodation, as the yacht will have cabins for the artists. Please note that each cabin is shared by two people but the participants can bring their partners, friends or family members with them. We will also provide the essential material in order to produce your artworks (charcoals, acrylic, pencils, markers, sketchbooks and canvases). Of course, the participants are welcome to bring their own equipment if they have any specific requirements. 

The yacht will also include all the necessary equipment (kitchenware, oven and other devices) for those who want to make their own meals, their breakfast etc. Each yacht has a minimum of two bathrooms and all the essentials, like linen sheets and bath towels.

All participants will get the chance to talk to experienced curators from our team and get advice on the progress of their work and their online presence (websites and social media). After the end of the residency, all artists will get certificates of participation, signed by us and the members of the sailing crew.


We will also document the whole experience so everyone will get a video of the trip and other short videos of the artists producing and talking about their work, that they can share on their social media.

The artworks produced during the residency, can be for sale at the event we will organise in Athens and no commission will be taken from the sales. This is an unprecedented residency project so we are sure it will draw a lot of attention!

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•  fees and how to apply

The fee is meant to cover all aspects of the project and no further charges will be applied. We will be responsible for the expenses of the sailing crew, marine fees, boat cleaning and fuel, too. 

• Option 1: €760 per person - paid in two instalments 

• Option 2: €980 per person - paid in two instalments

* 'Option 2' includes larger cabins but we would still recommend 'Option 1' as the main experience of the trip will be the sightseeing and the other activities. 

How to Apply:

Artist from all countries and of all mediums can apply to participate in this project. Please note that you do not have to be a professional artist in order to apply for this project - artists and creatives with no academic qualifications are welsome to apply as much as everyone else!

We aim to put together a diverse team of creatives (painters, photographers, choreographers, film makers and more) so we can all get a variety of new influences from this project.

You can apply by simply sending us an email with the following information:

• A few words about yourself and your work.

• Links to your websites and social media accounts.

• Which option would you prefer for your accommodation? 'Option 1' or 'Option 2'.

You are more than welcome to attach your artworks to the email or send us a PDF with more of your work and your projects. 

For artists who want to book a spot for their partners, friends or family members too, please make sure to include their full names and their email address in your application. Each application can include up to 4 people and at least one of them has to be an artist. If more than one person in your application are artists/creatives, then we would suggest you to mention it and include their websites and social media accounts, too. 

Please send your applications to the following email and add 'Yacht Touring Residency' to the subject of your email:

Once we receive your applications, we will come back to you within 5 working days

See you on board!!

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That's all! We look forward to receiving your applications, meeting you and working with you!

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