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Art Number 23


Upcoming events

• 23/08

• 21/06
• 01/07

• 07/06
• 29/11

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Art Number 23 is a London-based collective, run by artists and creatives from around the world! We have curated a great number of exhibitions and our projects have hosted the wonderful work of thousands of artists

We always make sure to have active open calls for artists who want to participate and exhibit their artworks in several locations globally

Below, you can find the projects that you can apply and participate in.


Exhibit in a friendly environment

Meet new artists

Promote your work to new audiences!

Emerging artists, art students and artists/creatives with no academic qualifications are more than welcome to apply and exhibit in our shows, as much as everyone else!

Open Calls

Previous projects of ours, have taken place in NYC and Philadelphia (USA), Moscow (Russia), Berlin (Germany), Athens (Greece), Barcelona (Spain), Salzburg (Austria), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Timisoara (Romania), Presov and Trebisov (Slovakia), Mexico City (Mexico), Prague (Czech Republic), Rome (Italy) and Istanbul (Turkey). 

Below, you can find all the available open calls that you can apply for and exhibit your work. Click on the city of your choice and find out more information!

Lantern Decorations

Exhibit your work in Tokyo, Japan! One of the largest art scenes globaly!

Image by Enric Domas

Exhibit in the Historical Center of Athens, right next to the Acropolis!


Exhibit in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe!

Lantern Decorations
Screen Shot 2024-01-28 at 08.47.45.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-28 at 08.52.13.png

Sail across the wonderful landscapes and seascapes of Greece with other artists! 


Find out more about our upcoming events and the artists who will participate with their work in our shows!

See you all there!

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